Reilly Newman

Nov 30, 2021

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

As humans, we have a nasty habit of always thinking about ourselves. Seeing life from only our personal perspective. Making decisions and only taking into account our beliefs and narrative.

Sadly, this leads to a poor outcome. For relationships, businesses, and brands. Outcomes that result in moving backwards — even though our motive and heart may be in the right place. As a business, your service/product wouldn’t be of much value if you only considered yourself.

A healthy business takes into account the perspective of their audience and their desires. This ultimately produces a more beneficial offering for the market and — by being “in-tune” to the market — the business is rewarded with being paid for their offerings.

The consideration on the service/product side is great, but will only get you so far. This is because it is transactional. It’s expected. Of course, they will only pay for something that performs as expected. If it didn’t why would they pay in the first place? What gets them beyond just the offering? Beyond just the transaction? Brand.

The most human thing about a brand is that it forces us to be less human. A proper brand will help you not just think of you, but about others. It makes that solo perspective open up to include others. This goes against our human nature, but also what makes brands so powerful for a business.

A brand will empower the business to think outside of itself and its offering. To go the extra mile and put yourself in your audience’s shoes. This brings massive amounts to the value your business provides and further interactions with your audience as they keep coming back for more (beyond just the offering).

As noted on our topic of brand messaging ( Read full article here), being in-tune with your audience by not just thinking about yourself will make all aspects of your brand and your marketing more effective.

You won’t just be able to relate to your audience, but also be able to get to a point where you can predict what they will want/need in the future. The brand gets to be their companion on this journey as your audience and brand evolve together in kinship and lead you to success.

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Brand Strategist @ Motif Brands

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